4 factors that affect the contact resistance and reliability of the PIN pin of the RJ45 connector--Three

September 10, 2019

Surface morphology
The surface morphology includes the shape of the design and the state of the environment. The surface of the contact may be loosely deposited due to the mechanical adhesion of dust, rosin, oil stains, etc. on the surface of the joint. This layer is easily embedded due to the particulate matter. It is hidden at the microscopic pits on the contact surface, which reduces the contact area, increases the contact resistance, and is extremely unstable. Second, due to the physical adsorption and chemical adsorption of the pollution film, the metal surface is mainly chemical adsorption, which is caused by electron migration after physical adsorption. Therefore, for some products with high reliability requirements, such as aerospace electrical connectors must have clean assembly environment conditions, perfect cleaning process and necessary structural sealing measures, the use unit must have good storage and use operating environment conditions .