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Basic structure of connector

October 30, 2019

Basic structure of connector
1. Contact. It is the core part of the connector to complete the electrical connection function. Generally, it is composed of anode contact and cathode contact, and the electrical connection is completed through the insertion of cathode and anode contact. The anode contact is a rigid part, whose shape is cylindrical (round pin), square (square pin) or flat (insert). Anode contact parts are generally made of brass and phosphor bronze. The cathode contact is the jack, which is the key part of the contact. Depending on the elastic structure, the elastic deformation occurs when the pin is inserted, and the elastic force is generated to form close contact with the positive contact to complete the connection. There are many types of jacks, such as cylinder type (slot, necking), tuning fork type, cantilever type (longitudinal slotting), folding type (longitudinal slotting, "9" type), box type (square jack) and double-sided wire spring jack.
2. Insulator. Insulator, also known as base or mounting plate, is used to arrange contacts according to the required position and spacing, and to ensure the insulation performance between contacts and between contacts and shell. Good insulation resistance, voltage resistance and machinability are the basic requirements for selecting insulating materials to be processed into insulators.
3. shell. The shell, also known as the shell (depending on the variety), is the outer cover of the connector. It provides mechanical protection for the inner insulating mounting plate and the pin, and provides the alignment when the plug and the socket are inserted, so as to fix the connector to the equipment.
4. annex. Accessories are divided into structural accessories and installation accessories. Structural accessories such as clamp ring, locating key, locating pin, guide pin, connecting ring, cable clamp, sealing ring and gasket, etc. Install accessories such as screws, nuts, screws and spring rings. Most of the accessories are standard parts and general parts.