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How to use RJ45 Modular Jack

August 12, 2019

  1. The rj45 socket does not need to be used, please do not plug it into the socket. Because for rj45 socket, there will be a certain service life value, that is, the mechanical life is a durability index, which is a cycle of one insertion and one extraction, when plugging and unplugging It is that the mechanical life of the rj45 socket and the contact layer of the contact structure are worn, so that the rj45 socket will cause damage when the number of times is reached.            
  2. rj45 socket and rj45 plug on the plug connection, generally can not be used directly after the insertion, you should also need to gently squeeze the rj45 plug by hand to see if there is a complete connection. Otherwise, it will cause some data signal loss on the rj45 socket, resulting in no network condition in the use of the device.                                                            
  3. When plugging in the rj45 socket for daily use, the strength of inserting and unplugging the rj45 plug should not be too large. Because the force for insertion is too large, and in the absence of pinholes at each end, it is easy to cause the end needle of the rj45 socket to be broken. However, if the pulling force is too large, there is a possibility that the connection point of the rj45 plug may be broken.                                                                                          
  4. Basic knowledge 4: There is also a general connection between the rj45 plug and the rj45 socket. Be careful not to pull the rj45 plug. Otherwise, it will easily cause the interface end of the rj45 socket to lose its elasticity, which will result in unstable connection of the rj45 plug. Happening.                                                                                                                                                                            
  5. rj45 sockets are generally divided into two wiring methods, namely T568A standard wiring connection and T568B standard connection. Therefore, do not confuse these two wiring methods in the rj45 socket wiring, and there is no wrong connection for each wiring point. Otherwise, it will cause incompatibility between the data lines, which will cause the rj45 socket to fail and become unusable.