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RJ45 socket classification

August 21, 2019

1. According to the shielding performance, it is divided into shielding module and non-shielding module. When installing a shielded cable system, the entire link must be shielded, including cables and connectors, all of which need to be applied to the shielded information module.

2. According to the different wiring parts, there are two kinds of upper termination and tail termination respectively. However, most products adopt the upper termination method.

3, according to the installation location of the RJ45 module, can be divided into four types of carpet type, embedded type, desktop type and general type.

4. According to whether the module needs to be connected according to the connection of the module, it can be divided into two types: the information module has a wire-type and a wire-free information module. The wire-type information module requires a dedicated wire-bonding tool to press the twisted-pair wire into the wiring slot of the information module. The wire-free tool design is also an embodiment of the humanized design of the module. This module does not require the use of a dedicated tool for termination.