What is a terminal? Details the terminal and type

November 7, 2019

What is a terminal? Details of the terminal and type What is a terminal? A terminal is a component that connects a battery to an external conductor. In electrical engineering, the terminal refers to the terminal, which is also called the terminal. The type is divided into single hole, double hole, socket, hook, etc., from material, copper plating, copper galvanizing, copper, aluminum, iron and so on. Their role is mainly to transmit electrical signals or to conduct electricity.

In the project, it is the interface reserved for the post-station project and the pre-buried facility for the post-station interface project.

Wiring terminals have been widely used in various fields, and have been connected in the transmission of electrical signals and electrical conduction, thereby reducing the workload and production cost, bringing convenience to production and use, and avoiding many troubles. Thereby achieving the purpose of simplifying the product structure and saving manufacturing costs.

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