What is the use of rj45 shield?

August 13, 2019

  1. Use shields to enclose the components, circuits, assemblies, cables, or interference sources throughout the system to prevent interference with electromagnetic fields from spreading outward; surround the receiving circuits, devices, or systems with shields to protect them from external electromagnetic fields.


  2. The wide application of the shield cover clips, the shield clips of various materials have come out, and the shield industry can be divided into electric shield and magnetic shield. It is better to do the electromagnetic shielding separately, that is, to do several layers of shielding. If the electromagnetic is required to be shielded together, then it is better to use iron. Although iron conductivity is inferior to copper and aluminum, copper and aluminum have no magnetic shielding effect.


  3. The flow space of the tray of the shield cover clip is too large, and the patch is easy to swing when it is patched, so that it cannot be sucked. It is necessary that the material is placed in the tray, and there is a flow space of about 1.0 mm, which is too large to cause the material to oscillate, and too small to take the material may take Not coming up. Our company's mobile phone shield is mainly made of 0.2MM white copper and stainless steel stamping. The product has precise dimensions, good flatness, easy tinning, good shielding function, easy assembly, firm and excellent quality.


  4. Shield retaining clips are generally made of stainless steel bending, deep drawing, tinned steel with tinplate and so on. The main products include RF shielding parts, baseband shielding cover, SIM card bracket, LCD frame and other mobile phone precision accessories, as well as hardware stamping, automatic lathes, springs and other accessories for electronic products.

    Shield retaining clips require no oil, no blunt, no scratches, no deformation, stamping tolerances within 0.1MM, the size of the retracting point of the shielding cover should be appropriate, the reclaiming point should be in the middle of the material, the size of the reclaiming point is the most The better is Φ6.0mm, the larger the reclaiming point, the higher the patch is not chaotic, and the higher the efficiency.